Connect with Your Perfect Prospect

Ruf eLeads are a highly targeted Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) lead generation program that provide high value for each dollar spent.  eLeads drive increased ROI by focusing resources solely on qualified leads most likely to convert; acquired from the best performing online media, whose customer profiles display the highest propensity for exhibiting your target attributes.


  • Enhanced ROI—leads collected from sites aligned with your market segment produce highly engaged conversations.
  • Pay only for unique records—eLeads are “de-duped” against your house file or against database of purchased eLeads.
  • Pay for performance—with Ruf eLeads you pay only for hand raisers who are truly interested in your offer.
  • Combat attrition—Ruf eLeads augment your sales funnel with fresh prospects.
  • Drive ongoing communications—once you purchase an eLead you own it, making them perfect for ongoing marketing campaigns in any channel.

Look Who’s Talking

-Dave Peterson,
Director of Research,
Nevada Commission 
on Tourism
Ruf Strategic Solutions has made this lead generation program so easy for us!  It has become one of the most cost-effective ways for us to generate leads who are interested in traveling to Nevada. We pay for exactly what we get with no waste and the qualified eLeads automatically appear in Navigator, our online CRM system, which streamlines our fulfillment process."

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