Get One True View of Your Customer

Single Customer View integrates disparate customer contact and engagement data from various sources and marketing channels into a single view of each customer facilitating a full-circle understanding of each customer’s behaviors and purchase patterns. 

  • Leverage Ruf’s Hosted Customer Hub to provide 24/7 access to Single Customer View across multiple points throughout your enterprise.
  • Correct customer-supplied addresses with industrial strength data hygiene.
  • Drive ultra-precise targeting and campaign personalization by adding optional Intelligent Data Appends.
  • Identify unique customers and households and export IDs to third-party CRM and messaging platforms.


  • Drive relevant and personal communications with a “true” understanding of customer behaviors and purchase patterns.
  • Reach, measure and optimize campaign effectives across multiple channels.
  • Minimize wasted impressions and costs with the most accurate and up-to-date customer information.