Connect with Your Most Receptive Consumers

Getting personal with consumers is crucial for capturing audience share and driving brand interaction throughout the lifecycle of your marketing strategy. Ruf's Connex Audience Clusters are groupings of consumers who exhibit similar characteristics, so you can understand the unique attributes that comprise your most profitable audience segments. As a result, you can develop relevant strategies that drive conversion and promote longevity.

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Connex Household Clusters

  • Precisely segment and deliver targeted communications at the household level, maximizing ROI by aligning your offers with those customers and prospects most likely to respond and convert.
  • One hundred thirty (130) household-level segments with similarities across demographics, behaviors, attitudes, preferences, buying habits and media consumption.
  • Each Connex Household Cluster is associated with a unique Persona that provides a broad stroke illustration of who you might expect to encounter in that household-level segment. Explore the unique lifestyles of each of our 130 Household Clusters using Connex Household Cluster Explorer.

Connex Neighborhood Clusters

  • Drive geo-based audience segmentation strategies that maximize your marketing budget when household-level targeting is not an option.
  • Sixty-eight (68) segments defined by small-area geographies (e.g., ZIP+4) containing similar groups of consumers.
  • Each Connex Neighborhood Cluster is associated with a unique Persona that offers a high-level description of the folks who fall into that neighborhood-level segment. Explore the attributes that breathe life into each of our 68 Neighborhood Clusters using Connex Neighborhood Cluster Explorer.

Connex Family Clusters

  • Ideal for higher-level strategic segmentation and understanding of larger customer groups including categorizing household-level clusters into a broad category of similar audience segments.
  • Sixteen (16) segments that represent high-level groupings of the Household Clusters.
  • Each Connex Family Cluster is associated with a unique Persona that provides a representative description of who you might expect to meet in that segment. Explore the unique lifestyles of each of our 16 Family Clusters using Connex Family Cluster Explorer.

Connex Generation Clusters

  • Drive relevant communications that resonate with Millennials, Gen X, Baby Boomers and Silents.
  • Eighteen (18) segments grouped according to their generational cohort (Millennial, Gen X, Baby Boomer and Silent).
  • Ideal for reaching consumers at specific life stages, as well as for developing marketing strategies that align with generational attitudes and experiences. Explore the unique lifestyles of each of our 18 Generation Clusters using Connex Generation Cluster Explorer.

Connex Digital Clusters

  • Target key demographic and/or life stage segments based on their online, social media and mobile behaviors, preferences and buying habits.
  • Thirty-five (35) audience clusters featuring similar digital lifestyles.
  • Perfect for geo-agnostic strategies (online retargeting, social media campaigns, CPC campaigns, etc.), each Digital Cluster features a distinct persona that characterizes the folks who comprise that segment. Explore all 35 Digital Clusters using Connex Digital Cluster Explorer.

Connex Messaging Clusters

  • Designed to exhibit distinct demographic, lifestyle and media consumption profiles, which allow marketers to appeal to them in more relevant ways.
  • Five (5) segments that represent wide-ranging groupings of the Connex Household Clusters.
  • Ideal for increasing the relevance of offers by tailoring the message to the unique profile of differing customer and prospect segments.