Maximize the Potential of Your Data

Connex Custom Modeling programs reduce your Big Data down to easily managed bite-sized pieces by honing in on those variables in your database that are most closely linked to the unique behaviors you are trying to target.  Using a variety of strategies, Ruf’s custom modeling programs ensure your messaging can be heard above the noise by driving strategies that align with your customer’s lifestyles and set you apart from the competition among consumers saturated by marketing input.

  • Predictive Models — Optimize your marketing dollars with the most advanced and accurate methods for analyzing your Big Data using various statistical and data mining techniques such as CHAID, Regression, RFM, Lifetime Value and more.
  • Profiling — Identify your highest-performing audience segments so you can reach and convert your most receptive consumers, as well as identify and target “clones” of your best customers.
  • Acquisition — Engage and convert your most lucrative audience segments across multiple channels using proven digital, advertising and direct marketing strategies.
  • Retention —  Deliver communications and offers that are as unique as the people receiving them by zeroing in on the preferences, buying behaviors and media habits of your most profitable customers.

And with so much data at your disposal, it is paramount to understand what to keep and what to discard.  Fact is, not all data is created equal and successful organizations require the expertise of skilled data scientists who understand the difference between actionable insight and distracting “noise”.

Fortunately, you don’t need to be a multi-million dollar organization with extensive resources to access experienced data scientists.  You just need Ruf.  For nearly four decades, Ruf’s team of data scientists and marketing professionals have been driving winning marketing strategies with expert insight and analysis that leverages the essence of your data.