Access Actionable Customer Insight in an Instant

Acquire unprecedented insight with Ruf's Interactive Consumer Profile. Powered by Ruf’s proven Connex Consumer Targeting, our menu-driven, graphical intelligence tool allows you to execute big data analysis instantaneously.
  • Pose questions about your customers and get immediate answers
  • Understand the demographics, media preferences and lifestyle characteristics of your highest performing customer segments
  • Find the highest penetrations of your most profitable customers and market areas containing more prospects who look like them
  • Develop relevant marketing strategies by understanding the key drivers of your best audience clusters

Whether you’re a skilled analyst or novice marketer, Connex Interactive Consumer Profile’s intuitive, straightforward platform lets you conduct strategic analysis like a pro...

  • Modular design lets you expand your system as your needs evolve
  • Menu-driven dashboard experience is simple and intuitive
  • Platform supports analysis of multiple customer segments and client-specific KPIs
  • Out-of-the-box modules can be tailored to your specific needs
  • Mapping module provides deep geographic analysis for market-area planning