Expand Your Lines of Communication

Improve the value and usability of your marketing database by appending customer intelligence.

  • Connex Household Clusters appends one of Ruf's 130 Connex Household Clusters to provide descriptive and actionable segmentation of customers, inquirers or prospects.

  • Demographic Appends add data points such as age, income, length of residence, presence of children (including age range), marital status and homeowner status.

  • Email/Phone Appends match files against national email/phone files to append email addresses/phone numbers, given the presence of a name and physical address.  Files with only an email address can be appended with name and mailing address.


  • Improve campaign reach and conversion with ultra-precise targeting.
  • Create relevant campaign strategies driven by lifestyle and purchasing characteristics.
  • Activate integrated campaigns across multiple channels with the addition of valuable contact information.
  • Develop highly engaging communications by supplementing existing customer preferences with additional data points.

Look Who’s Talking

-Stephen Koranda,
 chief strategy officer,
 Stephen Koranda & Associates
(former executive director, Norman,
 OK CVB and former vice president,
 Olathe, KS CVB)
...As an engaged partner, Ruf probed further to identify the questions we had, and offered solutions.  After one discussion, Ruf recommended their email append program, which identified email addresses of potential visitors in our database and nearly doubled our email distribution list..."
-Jerry Henry,
President & CEO,
H2R Market Research
See what else Jerry had to say about Ruf
Our clients benefit a lot from having our initial research done, which we do the primary research portion of the effort.  But, frequently at the end, we find out who the customer is and what they should do to go get more of them.  Frankly, they need Ruf’s additional information to append and find more customers who look like those, in order to actually implement many of their marketing efforts."

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