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Ruf’s Navigator expertly integrates all of your marketing data into one system for the ultimate in customer-centric marketing management…


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All of our data is flowing in [to Navigator] from all of our sources—our website, Google Analytics, as well as our scoring metric model where we are able to look at the data coming in from actual known visitors, relative to those people who are requesting material from us, to enhance our conversion rates of people who receive materials and actually come and visit Nevada.”

Dave Peterson | Director Of Research, Nevada Commission On Tourism
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One of the products we’ve used through Ruf is their Navigator, which really helps us slice and dice our data and really understand who’s inquiring about Kansas and give us a good idea who are consumers might be.”

Richard Smalley | Marketing Manager, Kansas Division Of Tourism
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Ruf’s Navigator system allows us to prepare reports from our inquirer database in a matter of seconds.  We are much more efficient in our ability to determine where our inquirers live and what information they request from our office.”

Dave Williams | Associate Managing Director, Utah Office Of Tourism, Film And Global Branding

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