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Transform Big Data Into Actionable Marketing Strategies

Drive increased conversion with meaningful campaigns. Ruf’s Marketing Intelligence solutions reveal the distinctive demographics, phychographics, media preferences and buying habits of your most profitable audience segments, so you can deliver campaigns that appeal specifically to them. You can also expand your customer base using Ruf’s profiling and data partnerships to acquire more customers who “look” like your ideal customer.

Plus, Ruf’s Marketing Intelligence is integrated with our unique Marketing Intelligence Engine platform, giving you the advantage of scalable, cost-effective programs that are easy-to-activate and highly customizable to meet your specific requirements.

Connex Audience Clusters — Pinpoint, engage and convert those audience segments most responsive to your brand.

Connex Interactive Consumer Profile — Our new interactive analysis tool helps you drive impactful marketing outcomes with a deeper understanding of key customer segments.

Connex Consumer Targeting solutions — Strategically market across all channels and marketing segments with tools that deliver impactful results using less effort and for less money.

Connex Custom Modeling solutions — Make sense of your Big Data with custom and predictive modeling methods that align with your unique requirements.

Travel Solutions ― Take advantage of our industry expertise with solutions developed exclusively for 
Travel & Tourism.

Not sure what solution is best for you?  Consult with Ruf’s team of experts to develop a custom program that best leverages your specific data.

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