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Why Customers Love What We Do

Ruf Strategic Solutions provided us valuable insight about our customers and helped us market more effectively. They helped us clean up our database and target the right consumer at the right time.”

Alan Suchodolski | President & CEO, AResTravel

The one word I would use to describe Ruf and its product is dependable.  No matter what, I know that I can depend on the accuracy of the data, as well as the robustness of the information, to provide something of value.”

Brian London | CEO, London Tourism Publications, Inc.
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When I’m working with clients, very commonly they don’t have a detailed understanding of who their customers are.  They are coming from the standpoint of shrinking budgets and the need to be more efficient and effective in what they do.  Ruf delivers on that by providing detailed intelligence that allows them to become much more effective with their marketing activities.”

Ed McWilliams | Ph.D., President, Reach Market Planning LLC

It’s great knowing that we’re communicating with people according to their interests—sharing information with the customers who want it most.  And the numbers don’t lie…it’s working!”

Luke Weinman IV | Director Of IT, South Shore CVA

I would definitely recommend Ruf.  They understand the [Tourism] business. They understand the data and the importance of it and how you can use it to not only use your budget better, but to really focus in on your target audience.”

Richard Smalley | Marketing Manager, Kansas Division Of Tourism
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